Affordable Gifts For Travellers

While it is great to splash out every now and then – decent, quality, and great presents don’t have to be expensive! That’s why I have put this list together – eight great travellers gifts for under a tenner!

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  1. YOU’RE TOO CLOSE (cheapest and probably my favourite)

I love this, I have a thing about my personal space especially on public transport so maybe I’m biased. Just £0.80 for the pin which measures 1 inch across – so if someone can read it, they’re definitely too close!


  1. Mini Sewing Kit

Now I know it’s not 1930 and everyone runs about whipping up dresses from the curtains anymore (though I wish I could, I have so many ideas and no skill whatsoever). BUT. There is always a warm spot in the good books for the person with the sewing kit when your only nice shirt pops a critical button, or the bottom of the absolutely vital tote bag. Keep in mind if they do travel carry on only that the folding scissors most likely won’t be permitted.

Just £6 and some cute as heck patterns


  1. I’ll Miss You Too Bracelet

Sappy? Yes. Friends important as hell and telling them you love them matters? Also Yes.

Grab this for just £3.50 and think of each other with love often!



  1. Easy Make Up Bag

Another one for those who check their bag (never be that person in line at security who is shocked and appalled at having to put liquids and gels in a separate clear bag). I love that this opens all the way out, never lose anything again when it’s all out in front of you! £9 and this handiest of bags can accompany you!



  1. Ear. Bud. Holder


Honestly, I think untangling headphones is the most frustrating activity on the planet. You just want to get to the music, you don’t want to break the thing, you’ve already undone this knot HOW ARE THERE THREE MORE!? £1.99 and it’s yours.


  1. Wanderlust patch

I love patches. There’s just something about them. I don’t even attach half of them – I use them as bookmarks and some are just chillin on my desk. Just £5 for this little bit of awesome.


  1. Lagom Luggage

I feel like this is overly accurate for me, Lagom – not too much not too little. I usually travel carry on, sometimes I micropack. The exact right amount luggage is so important, and this £6 luggage tag is cute af.



  1. Personalised Notebook

Embossed personal notebooks are a really nice touch for anyone about to head off on a journey, just to keep important notes and tidbits from the trip. Especially really important trips and events – like the ferry ticket to your dream destination, or a concert stub for *that* band. Tipping the scale here at £9.95.


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