Who are the muses? And why should we travel with them??


The Muses – the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (or Uranus and Gaia, because nothing is simple with the Greeks) were thought to be the divine singers who presided over all forms of thought. Eloquence, persuasion, history, mathematics, knowledge, and astronomy – now while our posts here won’t necessarily fit into these exact categories but we will talk about everything inspired by thought (if that’s not too pretentious!)

I’m Sam. I’m Australian and I live in London. I run this and a few other blogs. My motorbike and my books are two of my favourite things. I love to travel, and i love travel blogging but I am sick of being told that travel “isn’t about learning” and “books aren’t relevant to travel” – both things that have been said to me by travel bloggers. So I decided to concentrate all my history/book/archaeology nerdhood into one place. I love to read and travel with my mind, to go places for the history – I’m one of those that looks forward to the museums and ruins, gets excited over books both fiction and nonfiction, and plans their travel around the incredible things the world has to offer. If you’re one of those too stick around or even sign up for our updates, because we are going to be full to the brim with book reviews, museums, unknown historical sites, archaeology and other tidbits from around the world.

My Top Travel Tip

Ok you might think this is boring but honestly it makes the biggest difference! Go where *you* want to go – not where everyone is going. Yeah I love me some of the most touristy spots on the planet, but because of my reasons, not just because everyone is going! Hype is not your friend, hype makes you expect things of a place that it can’t possibly deliver on. Yes – Paris is beautiful, and romantic, and full of culture. It is also full of vendors, other tourists, and has huge inequality issues. Do I love Paris? Of course I do, I’m a history nerd who loves the impressionists and old jazz. But I don’t paint an unrealistic picture of it in my mind.

Hanging out in the footsteps of T. E. Lawrence was incredible. I’d only read snippets of his writing but mostly knew him in his military role during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, but there was something about sitting in the wadi that inspired him and reading his words from the 1930’s that sent a bit of a shiver down my spine! Have you been to Wadi Rum? Or read more of T. E. Lawrence than me? Let me know in the comments! • • • • • • #historicaltravel #telawrence #travelforhistory #desert #wadirum #jordan #jordaniandesert #bigsky #booknerds #militaryhistory #incrediblenature #wadi #travelmore #travelwell #clearskiesandsunshine #intrepidtravel #traveltojordan #myjordan #seeklight #femaletravelbloggers

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The Challenge

I have been lucky enough to find some amazing people in the Travel Bloggers Club – a group of travel bloggers who come together on facebook to help and support each other, and this month a group of us within the TBC have come together for a 14 or 30 day challenge.

Over the next month, I am going to be running my network – Travel With The Muses, Santorini Travel Blog, and Carry On Or Bust – through a 30 day challenge. To post every day across the network for the month of September – that is a good thing for you lot because there’s something new to read every day!