Duo lingo 4 lessons – 20 minutes
Vocab from conversations – 30 minutes
Spanish music all day
50 minutes

Today I did some more catch up, learning the things from the two Spanish conversations that I had been to.
I did have a bit of a stall though, while it is all very well to sit and talk about movies and London with people – how likely is it that these subjects will come up with people while I am there for only a week?
The concept of relevancy is super important, which is why I think Duo Lingo isn’t the best way to go about short term visit learning. Not exclusively at least. Is has been SO useful for learning little words that most of the “survival” courses I have done – like chicken, shirt, rice. Things that don’t immediately scream “you will need to say this on your holiday” but when you think about them are super useful.

I have also found that I have picked up the most random things – in an email from one of the several things I signed up to – a transcribed anecdote had one member say “muy poco”. I have used this in several conversations and scripts I have written.
I have also avoided the word caliente after reading an anecdote, and instead learned tener calor for referring to the temperature!
So I guess the lesson I learned today was to be more selective about the vocab that I learn, in the future it won’t be such a problem because I will be striving for fluency rather than having nice small conversations and following directions!

spanish challenge day 13