Preparing for the trip

Today was mostly spent getting ready and trying ten thousand ways to micropack the same ten pieces of clothing and obsessing about whether or not I have got everything.

The Spanish I did do was rehashing my basic survival stuff, hello, how are you, etc. this is for a reason that is very particular to obsessives like me – I had a dream.

I have had dreams about learning Spanish these past weeks before, mostly super boring ones where I’m kind of watching myself study, doing flash cards, or in one particularly awesome case where I spoke to someone so fluently they assumed I was Spanish.

But then there was this dream.

A horrible dream where I left the airport and everyone I said hola to just glared at me, then when I checked in (to a twenty star hotel, which caused me to panic that I had booked the wrong place and would be stuck with a 20,000 euro bill at the end of the week) and the receptionist said “hola, como estas?” I froze. Completely, I couldn’t remember how to say anything. And she got grumpy at me and said it again louder. And again LOUDER. Until she yelled at me in perfectly accented English “IT SAYS ON YOUR BLOG THAT YOU’RE LEARNING SPANISH”

So you could say I possibly have *some* anxiety about this trip…

To brush up on my basics I retreated into talking to myself, because this I have found is the best way to forced myself up on to my toes. Walking around having both sides of a conversation, sometimes I ask questions I don’t quite know how to answer, and having an imaginary other person to talk to results in some unexpected responses – apparently my subconscious wanted to learn how to say “I live on an island in Greece” (my subconscious has very basic desires, – food, gin, and Greece).

So, I might look insane but I did learn a few new things and assure myself that I wouldn’t completely freeze. I also spent some time learning “I’m sorry, I only speak some Spanish” and some other excuses I could employ.

So, lets wait and see how my experiment turns out!

Spanish Challenge Final day

Final day of the spanish Challenge!