Time Log and Activities

DuoLingo: Lessons 3, 40 minutes
Memrise: Lessons 4, 20 minutrs
Notes in Spanish: 1 episode and notes 30 minutes
Vocab Practice: 30 minutes
Read other half of Fluent in 3 Months – 90 minutes
Spanish music through most of the day

Total 3.5 hours

What I Actually Did Today

Today was a very minimum day – I mostly worked on solidifying stuff I already knew and finished up reading Fluent in 3 months.

Fluent in 3 months is a great book. It’s easy to read, fun as well as funny. But most of all its inspiring and motivating. I’ll probably read it again at some point in these two weeks – just to kick my butt back into gear. I also wrote a complete review of Fluent in 3 Months here – so check it out if you don’t already want it! If my word is enough you can buy it here!

I also spent a little but of time on the Mimic Method website and Youtube channel for some motivation and – let’s be honest – a brain rest. The first episode of a set of twins trying to learn Spanish in a month. (What’s with all the twins doing this!? Hahha). It is a really cool video – not because it’s jampacked of vocab (it’s not) or because the guys are all very nice to look at (though they are) it’s because it taps into the reasons I want to do this.
They talk about wanting to connect to people, to be able to talk to their native Spanish speaking friends. I’m doing this quite remotely, I don’t have anyone in real life who speaks Spanish – hence the terrifying very exciting commitment I made to go to a Spanish conversation class in London.

There is a quick follow up on the twins on the website and it is cool to see how the Mimic Method really plays out in the first few days of learning. And it inspired me to actually record myself making all the elemental sounds instead of just drilling it!
Mimic Method takes the language and breaks it down into the “elemental sounds” and trains you to make those sounds just like a native speaker would, because a B in Spanish doesn’t sound like a B in English!

This is one of those moments when I wish my lottery win would come now rather than later because this program is soooooo cool. I really love the idea of speaking totally accentless, plus I’d love to support Idahosa and his project, because he’s got the best marketing in the world – he’s friendly and you feel like you’d have a good chat with him over coffee! To be straight up, his program probably is worth the $197 (at time of posting). But I just don’t have the £150 to spend on …. Well anything. So I’ll be trying this on my own unless Idahosa suddenly gets an urge for a very specific giveaway in the next few days (about the same chances as winning the lottery I think). So I’ll just be using the free sound checklist and trying to match it! You should check out his program if you think the full masterclass is for you! https://www.mimicmethod.com/elemental-sounds-spanish-master-class/

I love learning through music, in the past I have used Earworms to huge benefit – maybe that will be what I spend my limited budget on!

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spanish in two weeks day 3

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