Time Log and Activities

DuoLingo: Lessons 4 Practice Sessions 1, 30 minutes
Memrise: Lessons 4, 20 minutes
Youtube Videos about Spanish and learning language – 1 hour
Vocab Lists and Practice: 3 hours

4.75 hours

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I had one singular goal for today:
Write and memorise a script ‘about me’ because the chat is TOMORROW!!

Today I wrote my script. This is something I read in fluent in 3 months, in addition to generally useful vocab, to write a script of things people are likely to ask you in your first conversations.
Things like, hello my name is Sam, where are you from? I live in London. What is your job etc etc.
I brainstormed 10 questions/answers and some statements I think will be handy for the chat I am going to tomorrow. After deciding on these, I used an old book of flash cards to write them out and jumble them up, to spot test myself once an hour – but I didn’t finish this until about 4pm so it wasn’t that many hours!

The basic conversation I put into flash cards is thus:
1. Q: hi, how are you? | Hola, Que tal?
A: I’m fine, and you? | estoy bien, y tu?
2. Q: Where are you from? | de donde eres?
A: I’m Australian but I live in London | Soy Australiano, pera vivo en Londres
3. Q: Where in Australia? | Donde en Australia?
A: In a city called Adelaide |en una ciudad llamada Adelaide
4. Q: How long have you lived here? Cuanto tiempo vivido aqui?
A: in England for one year | en Inglaterra por tres an~os
5. Q:Why did you come to England? | por Que viniste a Inglaterra?
A: For school, I studied ancient history | por escuela, estudie historia antigua
6. Q: How long have you been learning Spanish? | Quanto tiempo estado aprendiendo espan~ol?
A: For four days, today is my fifth day | por Quattro dias, hoy me quntia dia
7. Q:Why are you learning Spanish? Por que
A: voy a espan~a en dos samaras, y estoy escribiendo un sequencia sombre aprender espan~ol rapidamente
8. Q: What is your job? | cual es tu trabajo?
A: I am a writer | etoy en escritor
9. Q: What do you write?| Que escribes?
A: I write about travel | escribo sombre viajes
10. Q: is your family here? Esta tu familia aqui?
A:no, my family is in Australia. my boyfriend is here. | no mi familia estas en australia – Mi novio esta aqui

Hopefully these will come in handy and I won’t be too afraid to speak!!

I also took a leap of faith and bought a heavily discounted membership with SpanishPod101 – for one month of premium membership, 7 day fluency course, and one free product from Inovvative Language using a coupon code. I got the “complete Spanish” levels 1-9 because I thought it would be the most useful long term. I took the “one time new member” offer which was all this stuff, normally $25 per month and $10 for the fluency course, for $1. So it fits into my budget – I just have to remember to cancel it before my month is up!!
SpanishPod101 is basically a huge collection of lessons with native speakers on video and audio. I have listened to a few of the basic and introduction episodes. The hosts so far have been very good, interesting with useful tips. I have found that a lot of the lessons are directly about Mexican Spanish, but as one of the hosts (Fernando) points out – it’s not going to destroy your comprehension if you dome speak the exact correct dialect for the region you’re visiting!

I think the themed vocab and the basics of pronunciation will help me the most, but I will embark on the grammar and more general topics as well. One thing that I really like is that they throw in a bunch of “have you lost your motivation” lessons – because it can be so tedious doing the same thing again and again and again every day.
So, I’d suggest to get free account and if they have the same offer going – it’s worth trying it! (just remember to cancel it if you don’t want to pay for the second month!

So to find out how I did in my first conversation exchange – tune in tomorrow!! You can sign up to the email list, or follow me on social media!

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