Learn Spanish in 2 Weeks Day 7

Duo Lingo 8 lessons, 40 minutes
Spanish Pod 101 lesson 5, 1 hour
Memrise, 4 sessions, 20 minutes
2 hours

Today I focused on acquisition, I wanted to learn a bunch of new vocabulary so I did a whole bunch of Duo Lingo lessons and went through the handouts that I got at my Spanish meet up. I also decided to try something a bit different.

I am generally a massive sceptic but I want to try as much as I can for this challenge, so I decided to let youtube play me 3 hours of Spanish vocabulary while I slept. Is this kind of sleep learning even possible?

Can You Learn A Language While You Sleep?

The short answer is, no not really. But the long answer is, sort of and depending what you’re hoping for.

If you are hoping that you will tuck yourself in, press play and in 8 short hours you will wake up conversing fluently and waxing lyrical about classical art then you will be sorely disappointed.
But, studies have shown that hearing vocabulary, that you have just learned, while you sleep has some beneficial effect on your memory retention.

The one I chose was accompanied with Binaural beats. Binaural beats are one of those things – I do not know a lot about them but they seem like they should be bullshit. On the other hand I really like the sound, I’m a white noise girl. So I did some digging and found that all a “binaural beat” is, is an illusion found when an individual reports hearing a third tone when hearing two different tones in each ear. Basically you play one tone in your left, a different tone in your right, and somehow hear a third tone as a result. They were first discovered in 1839, by German scientist Heinrich Dove. Apart from basics like this though, I didn’t really find much. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of binaural beats research, but from my sceptics view point – an auditory illusion probably won’t help your learning a language much.

Am I now able to count to 1000 with ease? No. but I do like listening to stuff to go to sleep, so rather than keep listening to a man slowly say numbers to me, I found a man slowly reading harry potter in Spanish to me, which was quite nice as I’ve read the first book several ….dozen times. I can hear words I understand, and of course I know the story so I feel like I can fill in the gaps. It also help me to get some practice to listen!

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Do you use binaural beats to learn stuff, or just to relax? Let me know your experience!